Tune in to the “home tone”

First impressions usually set the tone for the time spent with your children (maybe not for you but more so for the children). So the first 24 to 48 hours together usually set the tone for your experience that week or that fortnight.

Think about what you want this tone to be. Thinking ahead and developing a plan gives you a fighting chance of starting as you want the time together to continue.


Plan your school involvement for the upcoming year

It’s the start of the school year for Australian schools, so they will be asking parents to volunteer their time for many roles, including serving on canteen, assisting teachers in the classroom, helping at working bees, etc. Sit down with your children and agree with them what you will volunteer for, and how often.


Share interesting facts about where you are working or living

Get to know more about where you are working or living, and share this information with your children. History, geography, politics, or many other aspects of a location can be investigated – maybe ask your child what they would like you to find out!