Unconditional love

Make sure that your kids know that your love for them does not come with conditions! Always show unconditional love to your children. Listen to this podcast by Bruce Robinson, or read the transcript below, on unconditional love.

Unconditional Love

We talk about the three things that kids need from their dads, with the initials B.U.S.  – B for being there, and the U stands for unconditional love.

It’s very hard nowadays for kids to feel that your love does not depend on their performance. If you’ve got two kids and one of them is good at school or good at sport or well behaved  or believes the same things as you, it’s easy for the other one to think, “You know what, Dad would only love me if I was good at all those things.”

Make sure your kids know that your love does not depend on anything, including their exam results. Sometimes we tell dads about the 11th commandment (it’s not a well-known commandment). This is the commandment: “Thou shalt not covet their neighbour’s children’s exam results!”

It’s a very difficult thing for kids when they struggle at school. Indeed, the better you’ve done at school as a parent, the harder it is for kids; they judge themselves. I was talking to a lady lately; her husband just always complained about his son, but now his son’s done brilliantly, now his dad’s bragging about him! The kid is embarrassed either way. He needed to know that his dad loved him regardless of any of those things – failure or success. So dads, make sure your kids know you love them unconditionally – and tell them!


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