Use the time spent travelling to and from school to listen to your children

Try to carve out time in your schedule to take the kids to school and/or pick them up in the afternoon at least a day or two each week. Use this time together to really listen to your children.

  • If you are driving, remove all distractors (for the children and you!): their schoolbags, books and all technology – including phones – in the boot, radio off and your phone off (not just on vibrate)
  • Set the right example – obey road rules, wear a helmet if cycling, etc – kids learn from your behaviour as much as from what you say
  • Ask questions that will encourage your child to share with you – not “How was school?”, but “Tell me three good things that happened at school today” or “What two things are you looking forward to at school today?”


Encourage reading

Set the example, provide the opportunity, and actively support your children as they learn to read.


What dads need

The world today is vastly different to the world dads of today grew up in. Recognise this and learn how to be the best dad you can be.