Utilize a flexible schedule

“At this stage of my career I am very fortunate in terms of an ability to create flexibility. Each week I do my office work from Monday to Wednesday and work from home on Thursday and Friday. I also work for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead on their Council and fundraising, and I include that as part of my ‘working week’. I am lucky I can structure my week to do this.” – Daniel Petre, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

  • Do you have a flexible schedule? How can you use that time for your family?
  • Can you work an extra hour, or work through lunch to make time to leave early one day a week? Then spend that extra hour playing with your child.
  • Even if you schedule isn’t flexible you could try Skype, Facetime, or even a simple call home on one of your breaks.


Be an example for your child

Seeing how you handle different situations in your life, good and bad, influences your children.


Count the cost of living unbalanced

Living unbalanced may earn you more money but there are other 'costs' to take into account.