What a Baby Really Needs from Their Dad

Credit: Colin Bowern, Flikr.com

Credit: Colin Bowern, Flickr.com

Your baby needs you to

  • Show love by words and actions, including hugs.
  • Do special things with the baby – special games, stories, tricks, etc. This creates rituals that help the child feel special, that they mean something to someone.
  • Right from the beginning let the baby know that you are willing to spend time with them and that you will be there for them when they need you.
  • Be aware that because there are two parents in the house or where parenting is shared, babies are always on the lookout for the signals they get from both parents.
  • Show love. If it is clear that their mother loves them but they are not sure about their dad, how will they feel accepted and confident around that person, not only as a baby, but later on in life too?

What to do as the baby grows into a child and time marches on

  • Don’t compare your child to any other child.
  • Start work later occasionally and do things with your child instead.
  • Take all of your allocated holiday times.
  • Restrict your television viewing. Put favourite programs on hold for a while.
  • As all dads and father-figures find listening hard, allow enough time to listen to what your partner is saying and, when your child begins to speak, to what he/she is saying.


Avoid the good cop, bad cop trap

If you are separated from your partner, disciplining your children can become more difficult.


Look for opportunities to be involved

Teachable moments happen regularly. Be on the lookout for these opportunities and take advantage.