What girls need from their dads

Father and daughter smiling to camera

Girls need to hear how worthwhile and beautiful they are – not ‘pretty’, but ‘beautiful’.

  • Beauty can be outer (looks, smile, laughter, eyes, clothing etc) and inner (kindness, friendliness, fairness, curiosity, honesty etc).

  • Get your girls into the habit of critically analysing advertising that promotes insecurity or over-sexualisation in girls and women.

  • Find the specialness that your daughter possesses and highlight it, often.

  • Think about her character, her self-worth, her core – and talk about it as her beauty.


Making time

Block out time in your calendar or diary for dad dates and other times to spend with your family – don’t leave it to chance.


Stay connected during the day

Having a job that takes you away from home for a large part of the day need not mean you lose touch with your children.