What girls need from their dads

Father and daughter smiling to camera

Girls need to hear how worthwhile and beautiful they are – not ‘pretty’, but ‘beautiful’.

  • Beauty can be outer (looks, smile, laughter, eyes, clothing etc) and inner (kindness, friendliness, fairness, curiosity, honesty etc).

  • Get your girls into the habit of critically analysing advertising that promotes insecurity or over-sexualisation in girls and women.

  • Find the specialness that your daughter possesses and highlight it, often.

  • Think about her character, her self-worth, her core – and talk about it as her beauty.


Help your children see they are special

Keep telling your children about their special future, which is different to others.


Get the lowdown on issues at home before you arrive

If you have been away from home for a while through work or travel commitments, chat with your partner a day or two before you head home to find out any issues – rather than having them dumped on you when you walk in the door!