What to do When the Other Parents Don’t Care

Sometimes it can seem like you’re the only parent who’s setting boundaries on kids and doing things like calling other parents when your child is at another’s house.  You can start to feel that perhaps you’re a little bit old-fashioned.  You can’t do much about how other people parent, and if you ask your children, for sure they will tell you that you’re the only parent who is caring.  It’s a great idea to talk to other parents if you feel there are issues.  You’ll find that virtually every other parent cares as well.  So kids aren’t a reliable source of that.  They just don’t want to be embarrassed.


Handling questions about disasters and violence

Follow this link to find some helpful advice on answering questions from your kids about ISIS, earthquakes, child abductions and general day-to-day violence in the community,


Count the cost of living unbalanced

Living unbalanced may earn you more money but there are other 'costs' to take into account.