Why the Fathering Project?

Why do we need organisation like the Fathering Project? Listen to Bruce Robinson’s explanation, or read the transcript below, on why our work is important.

Why The Fathering Project?

Sometimes people ask me: why do we need a Fathering Project nowadays? People wouldn’t have had that 500 years ago – surely it’s all just gut feeling? Trust me, it is not.

It is a much tougher world now, for a start. Kids are exposed to things that 500 years ago weren’t an issue: drugs, binge-drinking, cyber-bullying, obesity, pornography.

At the same time, dads have less capacity to help kids. They’re spending more time at work; there’s more divorce and separation; they have less good role models; and of course nowadays dads don’t live around their own family. 500 years ago, kids had uncles and grandparents all helping being father figures. Pretty much nowadays dads are doing it on their own, and if their dad wasn’t much good, what chance have they got no matter how much they love their kids?

So dads it’s a tough world out there, you have to bother to learn.


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