Work around children’s busyness

As the kids get older, they will get busier with school, sport, after-school activities, friends, etc. Work around their other commitments as much as you can in planning time together.

  • Take the time to learn your children’s schedules of activities – and make adjustments as things change.
  • Plan dad dates with each of your kids and lock them into the calendar.
  • If you or your child has to miss a dad date, reschedule as soon as you can.

Being an example of resilience

Your kids will pay attention and base their behaviour on what they see and observe, so it's important to model good behaviour when handling the good and the bad in your life.


Give your kids a call

If you have to head off early for work or other engagements, give the family a call before the kids head off for school to let them know you are thinking of them.