Playing at Home

Play is essential to children’s development because it contributes to their cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Playtime also offers an ideal opportunity for dads to have fun with their kids and engage the whole family.

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Activities for early primary school kids

Roleplay is a powerful tool for early learning. For example, a play activity such as ‘setting up a shop’ encourages language and vocabulary development, involves social skills and giving instructions, at the same time as introducing early mathematical concepts.

Some activity ideas:

  • Home campsite – Set up camp in your backyard and pretend you are camping in the bush.
  • Obstacle course – Simply build in your own backyard using different props from around the house to get kids moving and thinking.
  • Wash the car – Clean your car with the kids and enjoy natural play with water.
  • Scavenger hunt – Do this indoors or outdoors with letters, numbers, colours, shapes.
  • Painting outdoors – Encourage the kids to get creative and messy, painting with their fingers, with a sponge or anything else you can find.

Activities for older primary school kids

Plan activities and mix it up so they are not tempted to go online all day and just play games or watch videos. There is a time for this, but screen time needs to be monitored.

Some activity ideas:

  • Kids home restaurant – Teach kids to cook a basic meal like pasta or pizza. Design your own menus, name the restaurant, take orders from the family.
  • Boardgame Olympics – Make a family points table. Play a variety of board games and award points for each placing.
  • Make a movie – Write a script together. Assign the characters to each member of the family. Then dress up and film the scenes in your house or back yard.
  • Create a comic – Write the story, draw the characters, and turn it into your own comic strip.
  • DIY crossword – Pick a theme, make up your questions and design the crossword board, then send it to friend and family.

Activities with the whole family

One of the most effective tools to strengthen family bonds is to hold regular family activities. It allows you to establish a sense of close connection and teamwork within the family, to help manage challenges that may be ahead.

Some activity ideas:

  • Play board games
  • Cook a meal
  • Create a vegetable garden
  • Create a home movie together
  • Daily fitness challenge

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