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Bullying Series

Bullying and cyber safety month on The Fathering Channel

Tips and advice for parents to help their children with bullying, cyber bullying and staying safe online. Read More

Keeping children cyber safe and what you can do with Professor Donna Cross

There are so many places children can go online that put them at risk. Learn how you can support their... Watch Recording

How to keep your kids safe online and understanding the modern playground

Former technology crime police officer Paul Litherland addresses the fears and apprehensions for parents when it comes to kids online. Watch Recording

Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 Jonny Shannon on how to bully-proof your child

Jonny shares his personal story about how he overcame bullying, and gives practical tips on how to make your child... Listen Now

How to help your child deal with anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

Anxiety is presenting more challenges for parents and children than ever before. Learn how you can manage anxiety and bullying... Watch Recording

Parenting strategies to deal with bullying affecting your children

Dr Karyn Healy shares strategies for parents on how to have a conversation with their children on bullying and also... Listen Now

Webinar on understanding bullying and how to respond

We all hope that bullying won’t happen to our children, but find out how to explain it and support them... Watch Recording