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Figuring It Out Together

A look into the world of tween and teen girls with Michelle Mitchell

Podcast with Author and Tween and Teen Parenting Expert Michelle Mitchell Raising a teenager, let alone raising a teenage girl,... Listen Now

A look into a teenage boy’s brain with Dr Steve Kassem

Podcast with Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem Something all fathers and parents are forever trying to understand, what’s going on in... Listen Now

Managing children’s technology, screen and gaming time

Podcast with the ‘Unplugged Psychologist’ Brad Marshall We sit down with the ‘Unplugged Psychologist’ Brad Marshall and chat about parenting... Listen Now

Dr Justin Coulson on why you should discipline and not punish your children

The Fathering Project sits down with author, parenting expert and international wellbeing and relationship speaker, Dr Justin Coulson. In our... Listen Now

Podcast with psychologist and author Dr Vanessa Lapointe on discipline without damage

This week on our Figuring It Out Together podcast we are thrilled to be joined by psychologist, parenting specialist, best... Listen Now

Managing your child’s back to school anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson

Anxiety is something we as adults are all too familiar with. There will also be times where your child too,... Listen Now

Tips to help your child settle at school with Dr Tim Hawkes

Helping anxious children, new school, first day back get settled, develop a routine, and look forward to school in 2021. ... Read More

Associate Prof Kevin Shafer discusses ‘Why Dads Can’t Be the Dads They Want to Be”

Associate Prof Kevin Shafer from Brigham University in the United States joins our podcast to talk about ‘Why Dads Can’t... Listen Now

Author Rob Sturrock share’s his approach to raising kind, happy sons

How do you balance work, family, and being active with your kids? Rob shares his experiences that led him to... Listen Now

Understanding the teenage brain with Dr Steve Kassem

Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem, as seen on ABC TV’s ‘Catalyst’, joins the Fathering Channel podcast to discuss ‘Understanding the Teenage... Listen Now

Podcast on how to use the new Beacon cyber safety app to keep your kids safe

Beacon is a new mobile app for parents providing tools and resources that will help encourage their children to use... Listen Friday

What’s going on in the brain of a 5 year old child?

Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem joins us to chat about this critical age and shares tips on how you can support... Listen Now

Petero Civoniceva talks mental health on ‘Figuring It Out Together’ podcast

Fathers have a big impact on their kid’s mental health. Join Petero to talk fathering, wellbeing and taking care of... Listen Now

Dr Tim Hawkes podcast on children adjusting back-to-school post COVID-19

05.06: Help your child transition back to school as COVID-19 lockdown measures are lifted with Dr Tim Hawkes. Listen Now