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Mondays with Bruce

Building confidence in your daughter

Raising Girls Series In our third week of our Raising Girls series, Dr Bruce Robinson explains a father’s role in... Watch Now

Affirming your daughter’s inner and outer beauty

Raising Girls Series If you have a daughter, she’ll be looking to you to get the answer to the question,... Watch Now

The relationship between a father and daughter and why it’s so important

Raising Girls Series In this month’s series we focus on raising daughters. An incredibly important topic and something Dr Bruce... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson’s tips to assist the journey from teenage years to manhood

Teenage boys often tend to become argumentative, restless and moody and have tendency to exhibit a certain degree of arrogance.... Watch Now

Making memories and bonding with your son by planning a ‘dad trip’

Planning a ‘dad trip’ is a great way to spend some one-on-one quality time with your son. It also helps... Watch Now

Schedule dad dates to connect and communicate with your son

Last week we discussed the importance of communicating with your son through the different stages of his life. Opportunities to... Watch Now

Communication: Why you need to be open with your sons

The way you communicate with your son will change across the milestones of their life; from playing trains, kicking around... Watch Now

Empowering your teenage children to have independence

As children grow and come into their teenage years, the process of setting boundaries evolves. This includes a delicate balance... Watch Now

The need to negotiate rules with your older children and why it works

As our children get older and demonstrate they can be trusted to follow the rules, we can involve them in... Watch Now

Setting Rules in Your Household

This week with Dr Bruce Robinson, we talk about setting rules in a family household. Kids have very few naturally... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson Urges Fathers to Raise Their Boys to Respect Women

There is no denying under the current climate, lies a clear issue around respect, specifically regarding the treatment of women... Watch Now

Why use positive discipline with your child?

Discipline is the process of teaching our children what behaviour is acceptable and what is not acceptable. Discipline also teaches... Watch Now

Raising Daughters and the Significance of a Father-Daughter Relationship

This week Dr Bruce Robinson discusses the significance of a father daughter relationship and the important role it plays in... Watch Now

The importance of open communication

It may prove difficult at times to engage and communicate with your child, especially as they head into their teenage... Watch Now

Engaging with the School

Last week we spoke about your child’s first day back at school, either for the very first time or returning... Watch Now

Back to school tips for Dad with Dr Bruce Robinson

Children may find the increased structure, longer days and rules of school to be very different from what they are... Watch Now

Happy Australia Day to all families from Dr Bruce Robinson

Bruce shares his happy memories of celebrating the things he has loved doing with his family on Australia Day and the Australian... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson 2020 Highlights and the 4 P’s!

Bruce reviews highlights from “Monday’s with Bruce” in 2020, including a few of the important topics we explored together –... Watch

The benefits of exercise on mental health plus our 2021 Big Push!

Dr Bruce Robinson talks about setting wellbeing goals for emotional wellbeing in 2021. Read More

Setting Family Goals for 2021

Tips on building family priority As we start the new year, don’t forget to take some time to think about... Listen Now

Happy New Year message from Dr Bruce Robinson to all fathers and families

Dr Bruce Robinson shares goal setting for fathers in 2021 to benefit their child and family. Watch Now

Christmas wishes from Dr Bruce Robinson for all fathers and their families

Special Christmas message from Dr Bruce Robinson  Bruce shares his warm wishes for all dads this Christmas who are able to be with their loved ones... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson talks about the importance of being a dependable dad

Dr Bruce Robinson shares insights into the importance of being a dependable dad and being there for your child no... Watch Now

The importance of unconditional love this festive season

Unconditional love is when our children know they are loved, not because of what they do or don’t do, but... Watch Now

Tips for dads on being a positive sports coach with your kids

Being a coach for your kid’s sports team gives you a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with them and... Watch Now

Bruce Robinson COVID-19 updates and research insights

Coming into the festive season, many families are hoping to be able to reconnect. Dr Bruce Robinson shares his knowledge... Watch Now

Being an actively engaged dad with your kids through sport

Being an actively engaged dad is beneficial for your kids, and here are some reasons why dads should get their... Watch Now

Tips on being an actively engaged dad with Dr Bruce Robinson

This month we are looking at what it means to be an actively engaged dad and why it is important... Read More

Top 10 tips for mental health and wellness for dads with Dr Bruce Robinson

We are put a huge focus on the mental health and wellness of our fathers and father-figures – check out... Watch Now

Managing kids mental wellbeing and knowing how to read their moods

Dr Bruce Robinson shares insights on how the first step to identifying and managing our kid’s emotions is to be... Watch Now

Tips to support dads wellbeing during isolation

Bruce Robinson shares tips for parents who are in isolation to help manage wellbeing and family spirits. Watch Now

Why we all need a good night sleep to support our mental wellness

Sleep is one of the most important things you need to improve your creativity, productivity, judgement and decision-making process. Watch Now

Mental health month and tips to support your mental wellbeing

Good mental health and wellbeing allows you to live your life in a positive and meaningful way and cope with... Watch Now

Developing your father-son relationship through interests and activities

Developing your relationship through shared interests and activities builds lasting opportunity for open dialogue with your son as he transitions... Read More

Bruce shares tips on staying connected with your son through shared interests

Bruce Robinson shares his tips on how to stay connected with your son through shared interests and dad dates. Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson shares advice on communicating with boys

Across this span of time which goes faster than you can imagine, having a good set of tools to communicate... Watch Now

G’Day dads happy Father’s Day from Dr Bruce Robinson

I am wishing all dads a happy Father’s Day wherever you are around Australia - I wish you all the... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson shares #bestdadmoments

Dr Bruce Robinson joins fathers across Australia as they share their #bestdadmoments in celebration of Father’s Day 2020. Watch Now

What to do if your child knows bullying is happening around them

In our final week of Bullying Month, Dr Bruce Robinson takes a look at how to talk to your children... Watch Now

Tips to prevent cyber bullying and how to recognise the signs

This week Bruce takes a look into cyber bullying, what signs to look for and how to support kids if... Watch Now

Tips on how to respond and support your child if they are being bullied

This week Bruce has some tips and advice for the best ways to respond if your child is being bullied... Read More

Tips on how to start the conversation about bullying

This week Bruce has some tips and advice for how you can explain bullying to your child and support them... Read More

Dr Bruce Robinson looks into optimism and how it builds resilience

In our final week of resilience month, Bruce talks talks about optimism and how it can help your children to... Watch Now

Healthy risk-taking and why it’s important for your child

Dr Bruce Robinson explores how healthy risk-taking and confronting challenges are important for your child’s development. Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson explains how a ‘healthy’ self-esteem builds resilience

Research shows that healthy self-esteem is a key factor in the development of personal resilience children. Watch Now

Six ways you can raise more resilient kids

Dr Bruce Robinson has tips to support your kids to cope with change and other challenges. Watch Now

Three simple ways you can be the dad your kids need

29.06: Fathering Project founder Bruce Robinson explains the three simple things that fathers can do to support their kids’ growth,... Watch Now

Your support of learning impacts your child’s results at school

22.06: You don’t have to be strong academically to have an impact on your child’s education but rather supportive and... Watch Now

Bruce’s top six tips for encouraging a positive attitude to learning

15.06: As your kids move through their school years, it is important to keep emphasising the importance of learning. Watch Now

How am I meant to be involved with my child’s school and teachers?

06.08: As a parent you are the first educator of your child. The next phase starts when your child begins... Watch Now

Dr Bruce Robinson ask us if we’re caring for ourselves well enough

As a father, caring for yourself is an important part of being there for your family. Watch Now

Bruce talks about mental and emotional wellbeing for your kids

05.25: Kids need help as they learn how to express emotion and stress in healthy ways. Watch Now

Bruce talks about the benefits of family exercise and physical wellbeing

18.05: Exercise can reduce the risk of depression and mild anxiety for all family members. Watch Now

Bruce talks about the impact fathers have on the wellbeing of their children

11.05: Dr. Bruce Robinson shares tips on family wellbeing. Watch Now

Bruce talks about family agreements on how we treat each other

04.05: Family agreements are positive statements that guide how we treat each other and behave. Watch Now

Bruce talks about family activity plans and daily routines

27.04: This Monday, Bruce talks about making a family activity plan. Watch Now

Bruce Talks About Family Meetings

20.04: This Monday, Dr Bruce Robinson talks about the importance of family meetings. Read More

Message from founder Dr Bruce Robinson

I am proud of The Fathering Project team for launching the new Fathering Channel, a virtual community to support fathers... Read More