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Teenagers Series

How to support your teenager with their body image and self-esteem

The important research points and top tips you need to support your teenager through puberty, change and social pressure. Read More

Supporting your teenager with friendships, social identity, peer groups and online socialising

Our tips for supporting your teen through a changing world as they find their social identity, develop friendships and navigate... Read More

Setting boundaries and teaching self-discipline to teens

The ultimate goal of discipline is not just about making your teen obey your rules, it is about teaching self-discipline. Read More

How do I stay connected with my teenager?

Guiding a developing child through their teens can be quite an adventure for you and for them. Read More

Communicating with teenagers – what’s the go?

Advice on talking with your teens, family conflict and how to cover the tough topics. Read More

Understanding the development of the teenage brain for parents

The teenage brain is more impulsive, novelty focused and risk taking than adult the brain. Read More