The facts about dads’ groups

Each year we survey our connected fathers, father figures and male role models. This is what they tell us.
We hear you - the facts

What we learn from our community

Our programs improve father-child relationships and build stronger connections between families, schools and communities. Children with engaged fathers have better academic, social and emotional outcomes, and Dads benefit from being part of a supportive peer-to-peer environment that improves confidence, skills and commitment. 

77 %
Feel very supported, which allows them to effectively engage with their child
85 %
Experienced positive change in how important they saw their role as a father

A father's involvement in a Dad's Group significantly improves feelings of connection to a school over time.

67 %
Experienced positive change in their children coming to them to talk about their feelings
49 %
Feels the Dad's Groups are extremely important to them

The more group activities attended, the greater the change in dad's knowledge about parenting.

87 %
Experienced positive change in their knowledge of child development and fathering
63 %
Felt very or extremely satisfied by being part of a Dad's Group

Attending Dad's Group sessions resulted in dads who had low self-sufficiency becoming significantly more self-sufficient.

70 %
Felt more comfortable visiting their child's school
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