Dads Supporting Dads Dads Groups are run by Dads for Dads

Like everything we do, our Dads Group’s are about giving children the best fathers and father figures they can have so they can thrive academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

The benefits of father engagement in early learning

This is why we’re deeply committed to helping fathers stay connected to family and social networks while in prison.

why our programs work

Our programs are evidence-based and designed to improve the lives of children and their journey towards adulthood. Our program supports the early learning framework of being, belonging and becoming, by recognising that fathers and father figures are integral to achieving positive learning and development outcomes for all children.

The three components of our program include:

Providing resources to share with your fathering community

Connecting fathers, father figures and children in an intentional way

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Connecting and educating fathers and father figures through online workshops on key fathering topics

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