The Booragoon Primary School Fathering Project Schools’ Group, Booragoon’s Champion Dads, commenced in 2013.

We aim to provide opportunities for fathers & father figures to organise great activities for dads and their kids but also dads only events where fathers & father figures can socialise, network support, learn and share experiences with each other.

We have an organising committee with four members and is lead by Paul Buckman. The Booragoon’s Champion Dads have conducted the following successful events.

  1. Dads and Kids Camp Out – this is an annual event which is conducted in the school oval. The oval becomes a sea of tents of every shape, size and configuration, as eighty five Dads and their 200 children settled in for an overnight camping adventure.
  2. Development of the Nature Playground – some fifty Dads (and Mums) spent two weekends building a dry creek bed, a pole tepee, rock circles, hills and tunnels to create an absolute wonderland for the children. The Dads also worked over three Saturdays constructing a large, stepped amphitheatre on the boundary of the school oval, linked to the nature playground.dadpic1
  3. Celebration of Dadember – In September, Dads and Kids increased the involvement of activities they participated in together. For the Dadember in 2016, there were games of dodgeball, gang up chasey in the Natureplay and Oval, wheelbarrow and piggy back races and a game of soccer.

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