The North Morley Primary School Fathering Project Dads’ Group commenced in April 2016 and, in 2019, is still going strong.

After an information session conducted at the school by The Fathering Project the fathers formed an organising committee and commenced planning future activities.


Above is a picture taken by one of the Dads of North Morley.
It is from their successful event that took place on Sunday 7th August 2016 when a group of 50 Children, Father’s, Father-figure’s, Uncle’s & Grandfather’s all came together as a community and completed a section of the Bibbulmun Track Bush Walk.
They completed the Camel Farm to Hewitt’s Hut in Kalamunda part of the track and once they reached their final destination, they stopped to set up a fire and enjoy some marshmallows and hot chocolates.

They have already had one event in Term 1, 2019.

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