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As Fathers and Father figures, it’s easy to get lost in our other roles and forget what our first job is. Yet it’s the most important job we’ll ever do. Because what we do, or don’t do as Dads, has an enormous impact on the happiness and health of the kids we love.

The Fathering Project aims to positively promote the important role of Fathers, and Father figures, through the formation of Dads Groups in schools, communities and the work place.

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It only takes one Dad to suggest that a group be formed and create an enjoyable, informal and social environment for Fathers, and Father figures that builds interaction, knowledge and skills.

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Success Stories:

Mr Wu, President of St Peter's Parents and Friends Committee, was very encouraged with the extreme passion of fathers of St Peter's to be involved with their children.

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Success Stories:

"I ran the city to surf with my dad and my sister Kate. I was really excited about the race. We got up really early to get there!!... ..." - Sarah, 10, a student of John XXIII College.

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Success Stories:

Since 2014, NedsLads conducted many activities which benefit dads and their kids.

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Success Stories:

70 families built a school-changing Nature Play for the kids. Find out how!

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Success Stories:

Christchurch Grammar Dads Group has created an environment for the men of the school for encouraging open conversation.

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Success Stories:

The Great Activities by the LADDs

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If you're a Dad and wish to create a Dads Group in your local school, community group or workplace, please follow the prompts and make a suggestion.
Before you do, make sure one doesn't already exist in your area by using the 'find a group' tool.

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