What is a Dads Group?

We’re building communities of Dads through the formation of Dads Groups.

As Fathers and Father figures, it’s too  easy to get lost in our other roles and forget what our first job is. Yet it’s the most important job we’ll ever do.

Because what we do, or don’t do as Dads, has an enormous impact on the happiness and health of the kids we love.

That’s why we’re encouraging Dads across Australia, to join, suggest or start a Dads Group.

Dads Groups are formed through schools, workplaces or community groups and aim to be fun, interactive and supportive. They provide a community of like-minded Dads to discuss and address the importance of being an involved and effective Father or Father figure to create better outcomes for their kids.

The key role of the Dads Group is to provide leadership and direction to the group of Dads, Fathers, Father figures, colleagues and support people, including Mums, and host activities within the community.

The activities undertaken by the Dads Groups include:

  • Father and Father activities (including Father figures – like uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers, etc.)
  • Father and child activities
  • Father and The Fathering Project activities
  • Father and School activities

These activities are decided by the individual Dads in each Dads Group. Some popular activities include biannual barbecues, event days, camping events and Dad catch-ups. We provide a list of event ideas and planning resources, available for Group Members.

Help build our community of Dads by placing a Dads Group in every school, workplace and community group across Australia.

If you’re interested in creating your own community of Dads in the School your child attends, your workplace or a community group, The Fathering Project will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

You can suggest a Dads Group, find an existing Dads Group to join, or start a Dads Group of your own.