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The Fathering Project is here to help you put Fathering first.

We’re here to help our kids’ futures by inspiring and equipping Fathers and Father figures to be the best they can be.

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Santa Maria College

The Mossies

Stoneham Road, Attadale, WA, 6156, Australia

The Santa Maria College Fathering Project's School Group, The Mossies, commenced in 2014.

Shellharbour Anglican College

SAC Dads Crew

1 Piper Drive, Dunmore, NSW, 2529, Australia

The Shellharbour Anglican College Fathering Dads’ group, SAC Dads Crew, commenced in February 2016.

Solway Primary School

Solway Dads (?)

Winton Road, Ashburton VIC, Australia

The Solway Primary School Champion Dads Group, the Solway Dads, was formed in 2017.

St John Bosco College

Bosco Fathering Project

170 Monticello Parkway, Piara Waters WA, Australia

The St John Bosco College Champion Dads Group, the Bosco Fathering Project, was formed in March 2018.

St Stephen’s School

Dinkum Dads

100 Doveridge Dr, Duncraig, WA, 6023, Australia

The St Stephen's School Fathering Project Schools’ Group, Dinkum Dads, commenced in 2013.

St Therese Primary Mascot

The Fathering Project

43 Sutherland Street, Mascot NSW, Australia

The St Therese Primary Mascot Fathering Project Champion Dads Group, the Fathering Project, was formed in 2017.