How to start a new group

If it doesn’t currently exist, The Fathering Project can help you activate a Dads Group at the school your child attends.

Before starting a new Dads Group make sure you have a good understanding of what it is all about. Read the What is a Dads Group page. Sign up and become a member of The Fathering Project, then browse the members area, read our fathering resources and receive weekly fathering tips.


Search for your school in our Dads Group database and double check that a group isn’t already active at your child’s school.

When you are ready, contact our team and we will guide you through the following 4-step process.

Step 1 – Seek endorsement from your school

A new Dads Group needs to be formally endorsed by the associated school or organisation. Meet with the authorised representative of that school (typically the principal), explain the program and cost, and receive endorsement.

On request, a Fathering Project team member can support you at this meeting.

Step 2 – Submit your group registration form

Fill out the group registration form to notify The Fathering Project team that you are starting to activate a Dads Group at your school.

After endorsement is received by The Fathering Project an annual service fee is invoiced to the associated school or organisation.

Step 3 – Recruit dads and assign group leaders

Once the registration is processed, dads can begin joining the group from the Find your Dads Group page so spread the word!

You can also select your group leaders, who will be given access to the team management tools within the members portal.

Step 4 – Hold your launch event

The Fathering Project team will work with your leaders to organise a group launch event. All the dads from your school will be invited and a presentation will be delivered about the Dads Group program, how it works, the benefits for members, and the resources and support available.

Your new Dads Group is now active!

During the school year your group leaders will use the membership portal to plan and organise at least two “Dads and Kids” and two “Dads Only” fun activities supported by our Fathering Thoughts resources.

Contact a member of our support team if you have any questions.

Register a new Dads Group