Start a Dads Group

Great, you’ve decided to start a Dads Group in your community.

Starting a Dads Group is like “lighting a campfire”!
Work through the steps below and fill out the form to get your group started.

“Set the campfire” – Get permission to start the project in your community:

Step 1.  Learn more about the benefits of establishing a Dads Group by becoming a member of The Fathering Project and gaining access to our resources.

Step 2. Start a conversation within your school, workplace or community group to gauge interest in the development of a Dads Group. This conversation should involve a decision maker – a school principal, appropriate manager or committee representative.

Step 3. Identify someone or a group of people who will take the steps below, liaising between your school or organisation and with Fathers and Father figures to get your group up and running. This person/people may be Fathers or Father figures, or an administrator or employee at your school or organisation.

Step 4. At this stage, if you or anyone you reach is willing to step into a Group Leader role, record their details so you can list them as a “potential leader” when you Start the Group. If no leaders are able to be identified at this point, but interest is there, you can still Start the Group and The Fathering Project will assist you to grow interest.

“Light the campfire” – Motivate and inspire the Dads and Father figures.

Step 5. Arrange a conversation between yourself, The Fathering Project and an appropriate manager or committee representative to discuss the mechanics and implications of starting a Dads Group. Contact The Fathering Project at or on (08) 6488 3182.

Step 6. Secure a formal endorsement from an appropriate body within your organisation. e.g. P&C, School Board or Management. Download the Letter-of-Endorsement-Template here or find it it in or Resources.

Step 7. Fill in and submit the form below.

Step 8. Your organisation will receive an invoice from The Fathering Project to cover the cost of the Group Launch and for ongoing support of your Dads Group.

Step 9. Your Group will be added to the The Fathering Project website. New group members can now find and join the group on our Find A Dads Group page. Group Members can use website to connect with your Group, and get access to updates and resources posted by Group Leaders and The Fathering Project.

Step 10. Together we will schedule a launch presentation at your school or organisation. This will be a organisation-wide event, to introduce the prospective Group Members to The Fathering Project, and our Dads Groups program. If they’re interested, keen members should head to our Find A Dads Group page to find and officially ‘join’ the group.

Step 11. Your Group is now officially “Started”! Now, Group Leaders will need to adjust their online profiles, to ensure they can post Group updates, access to mailing lists, access Leaders-only resources, and upload or share resources with the Group. Click “request to become a leader” on your dashboard and provide your Working With Children’s details to becoming a Group Leader online.

“Keep the campfire burning” by running successful and enjoyable activities.

Step 12. Your Dads Group is ready to host its first event and begin providing Fathers, Father figures and Dads with opportunities to engage effectively and meaningfully.The Fathering Project provides support, including a range of resources accessible here.

“Keep the campfire stoked” by communicating regularly with the Dads & The Fathering Project

We look forward to helping your group thrive!