Dads Groups

By dads, for dads – to engage, belong and learn

We work with both school staff and fathers, supporting them to build their community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids.

What we do, or don’t do as dads, has an enormous impact on the happiness and health of the kids we love. That’s why we’re encouraging dads across Australia to be part of our Dads Groups.

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What is a Dads Group?

Since 2014 Fathering Project Dads Groups have been providing environments for fathers and father-figures to feel welcome to gather, share, learn and bond with each other and with their kids. Our Dads Groups provide mateship, a valuable support system and resources to help fathers up-skill.


Who is involved?

Dads Groups require formal endorsement from school leadership but are self-sufficient, run by dads, for dads – with support and resources from us.

What is The Fathering Project Dads Group difference?

Fathering Project Dads Groups have access to communication tools, support staff, learning resources and guides to help plan and host their activities.

The group belongs to the dads, but The Fathering Project works to ensure that it’s making the biggest impact it can by encouraging fathering discussion, providing access to fathering information, facts and tips – and supporting the group to sustain and grow.

See more detail in our fees and services statement.

What do Dads Groups do?

The key role of the Dads Group is to plan and host activities within their school community.

Dads Group typically host four activities per year, two for dads only, and two with the kids. These activities are an opportunity to bond with their kids and connect with other fathers.

Each activity is supported by research-based conversation starter called a ‘Fathering Thought’ – tailor made for dads to share in a group setting. After all, even the best dads never stop learning.

Activities are chosen and planned by the dads in each group. Popular activities include barbecues, camping nights and dad catch-ups.

The Fathering Project provides a range of support resources to Group Leaders including activity ideas and planning guides.

Group members and leaders are also invited to attend events hosted by The Fathering Project –  including guests speaker series, celebrations of fathering, recognition of volunteers and wider regional ‘Dads and Kids’ events like Camp Outs.

Loftus Primary talk about setting up a Dads Group at their school


What is a father-figure?

Dads Groups are encouraged to welcome all fathers and father-figures to their activities, including uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers and mentors.

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