Dads’ and Kids’ Travel Experiences

We are happy and proud to be working in partnership with Motive Travel to bring you the opportunity to participate in a ‘Dads and Kids’ travel experience. Read more to find out where you and your child could go on!

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July 13, 2016
Please visit motive travel's website and read the trip itinerary

More about the event

Father and child travel experiences with a difference!

One of our many inspiring tips is for father and child to go out on a ‘dad date’ (or even gain travel experiences together). Dad and child have the day to spend time with each other, with dad giving the child his undivided attention and focusing on getting to know the child. You can build a strong relationship and get to know a lot about your child!

Father and child travel experiences

Travel experiences: Holidays with a young child isn't about the holiday, it's about making memories

Now imagine how much more nurturing and memorable this dad date could be if, instead of a few hours, you spend a few days together! Motive Travel has been working together with us to help bring dads and their kids the best experience they can have as a duo. This year, we will offer fantastic travel experiences for groups of fathers and their children to visit and share trips to Melbourne, Singapore, Broome and Rottnest Island. By joining us on one of these trips, you will not only get to spend valuable time together with your child, but it may also encourage you to change your approach to fathering.

What travel experiences are on offer?

Travel experience: picture of Melbourne, Singapore, Broome and Rottnest

From top left to bottom right: Melbourne, Singapore, Broome and Rottnest.

Dad and one child will get to choose from the following travel experiences:

Trip #1: Melbourne –Wednesday 13 July to Sunday 17 July

Trip #2: Singapore –Sunday 25 September to Thursday 29 September

Trip #3: Broome –Thursday 4 October to Saturday 8 October

Trip #4: Rottnest Island –Friday 18 November to Sunday 20 November


What does the price for these travel experiences include?

  • A Fully escorted tour by a Fathering Project Team member and a special fun and interactive social session for fathers. No other trip offers this!
  • Economy airfare, plus all ticket taxes for Melbourne, Singapore and Broome, or ferry to and from Rottnest Island;
  • Four nights’ twin-share accommodation at the Rendezvous Hotel (Melbourne), the Park Hotel (Singapore), Mangrove Resort (Broome) and two nights’ accommodation at Kingstown Barracks (Rottnest Island);
  • Airport transfer/hotel fees.

What do I do now to look for travel experiences and book a trip for me and my child?

We recommend you read the trip itinerary put together by Motive Travel and The Fathering Project. Discuss options with your child and maybe provide them with the opportunity to pick the trip they want to do with you! Yes, we know there is a cost but think the wonderful memories you can make with your child!

When you are ready to make a booking, contact Jessica Newman, Travel Consultant at or call Jessica on 08 9322 2666.

This is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Get in quick as you don’t want to miss out!