Mar 20 2020
The Fathering Project

The Man Talk

Come and hear some incredible stories from local Men that are doing some amazing things in our local community in the Illawarra and beyond.

Event Details

March 20, 2020
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM AEDT
Kiama Leagues Club 109 Terralong Street Kiama, NSW 2533

More about the event

Come and hear some incredible stories from local Men that are doing some amazing things in our local community, in the Illawarra and beyond.

Stephen White – My Road to a Healthy Mind
Stephen has served in the emergency services for 18 years and is living with and managing PTSD. He has called Kiama home for the past 6 years and is actively involved in several junior sports in the area. He will tell his story of suffering from PTSD and his road to recovery.

Andrew McGowan – One Person Can Make a Difference
Andrew is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in an institutional context, he has experienced and seen much pain and suffering in the world wants to make a difference. He is walking from NSW Parliament House to the Parliament House in Canberra to raise awareness for service dogs whilst raising much needed money along the way to help out our farmers.

Mark Burns – The Man Walk
& Patrick Buddle – A Man Walker with a Story
Mark is a local Physiotherapist and Kiama local. He has been actively involved in local rugby most of his life and is the founder and President of The Man Walk Australia. He will talk about the Man Walk and why he decided to start it and where he hopes to take the Man Walk into the future.

Dave Forrest – The Power of the Father’s Voice
Dave is the Training and Partnerships Manager for The Fathering Project NSW. He has been a principal and educator in Australia and internationally for over 30 years. In that time kid’s well-being has been his primary focus. He currently works to engage fathers and father figures to realise the power they have in determining kid’s well-being through building communities of men in schools. Dave will talk on the power of the Father’s voice and using it as a tool to build resilience and well-being in adjusted children.

Monty Badami – Being Human and Making Connections
Dr Sumant Badami (or Monty as he is known to most) is an Anthropologist and the Founder and CEO of Habitus. Habitus is a social enterprise using programs, workshops and experiences to build a greater awareness and appreciation for what it truly means to ‘be human’. Using anthropology, emotional intelligence and educational psychology, Habitus exists to bring back our ability to; think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with others and find creative solutions to complex problems. Monty helps teachers, students and parents to embrace their humanity and make meaningful changes in their lives. He works closely with men and boys, running Rites of Passage programs and immersive workshops that give you life-hacks to be a good human! Monty will be talking about what it is to be human and making human connections.