Families with additional needs

Fathers and father-figures are critical in every child’s life, and this is particularly the case for children and young people living with a disability or specific health needs. Being a parent in these situations can be incredibly rewarding but can come with some tough times too.

The following fact sheets, videos and podcasts have been developed by The Fathering Project with generous support from Sutherland Shire Council and are free for families to access.

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Fact Sheets 

Looking for quick tips on how to support your child and family to grow, bond and thrive? The following fact sheets contain information written specifically for fathers covering development, behaviour, play, advocacy and, importantly, how to manage your own wellbeing. Download these materials below –

Helping your child to thrive at home and school
Looking after yourself and seeking support
Advocating and fostering independence
Podcast: Psychologist Jeroen Decates
Podcast: Speech pathologist Annie Hamilton
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