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Dr Tim Hawkes podcast on children adjusting back-to-school post COVID-19 Listen Now

Bruce talks about mental and emotional wellbeing for your kids Watch Now

Feed your family with this deliciously easy spaghetti and meatball meal Watch Now

How do I stay connected with my teenager? Read More

Stepdads and Blended Families

How stepdads can build strong relationships with their stepchildren Read more

COVID-19 Updates

Dr Bruce Robinson encourages us to take care coming out of COVID-19 Watch Now

Fathering Webinar

Justin Langer webinar on the importance of the team approach Watch Now

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We created The Fathering Channel as a virtual community to support dads, kids and families with all of the challenges of daily life.

The channel releases new content daily, featuring podcasts, videos, chat forums, research–based articles and light-hearted celebrity conversations.

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Community Message

During times of uncertainty like COVID-19, it has never been more important for The Fathering Project to support our fathers to care for their kids, families and communities.  Read more

Fathering Fundamentals

Our researchers have defined the core elements of effective fathering. They’re applicable to every father, every day. Explore our fundamentals to further your fathering. Do you dad like your dad did?  Learn more

Benefits of Dads Groups

The Fathering Project aims to positively promote the important role of fathers through the formation of Dads Groups in schools across Australia.

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