A Father’s involvement in rough and tumble play

The Benefits of Rough and Tumble Play In The First 1-3 years
Podcast with Dr Jennifer StGeorge

In this week’s podcast, Dr Jennifer StGeorge helps us to wrap up our series on raising children in the first 1 to 3 years. 

Playing with children in the early years is essential to their growth and development, but did you know rough and tumble play has significant benefits? During this podcast Jennifer explains why fathers and father figures should start to engage in this type of play and provides some useful tips and strategies.

This podcast covers:

  • A father’s influence during the toddler years 
  • Tips and strategies for fathers to engage with their toddlers 
  • The importance of rough and tumble play
  • Ideas to start incorporating rough and tumble play

About our Guest

Jennifer StGeorge is Senior Lecturer in the College of Health, Medicine and Wellbeing at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She leads a research stream on father-child play, with current research investigating father-child stimulating play, including rough-and-tumble play, and its effects on children’s social and emotional development. 

Jennifer is a member of the Australian Fatherhood Research Consortium, and the Ten to Men Scientific Advisory Group. She has a particular interest in using observational and qualitative methodologies to explore behavioural and psychological aspects of child development and parenting.

To learn more visit DadLab. If you’re wanting some rough and tumble play ideas, DadPlay has some great ones to try out. 

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