A father’s role in modelling respect to his daughter

Raising Girls Series

In the last week of our raising girls series Dr Bruce Robinson finishes with one of the most important topics, teaching your daughter to expect respect. 

It’s imperative your daughter grows up to know she is worthy of respect and to never accept anything less. Where she sets the bar will be heavily influenced by how you model respect to her as she grows. Ensuring you constantly treat her with respect, as well as every other woman in your life, will help her to set the bar high. 

You are the first male in her life, she looks to you to receive the signal of what respect looks like between a man and a woman. Not only this, you help her to develop self-respect, by teaching and showing her that she’s worthy. 

Tips to teach your daughter about respect

  • Emphasise the word respect. Continually highlight what this word means and what it looks like. Your daughter is worthy of respect, teach her to never put up with any form of disrespect. 
  • Have the father daughter sex talk. In doing so, you have the chance to educate her, as well as talk about consent, boundaries and strategies for when she’s around boys.
  • Role model it! She is always watching, how you treat her mother and the rest of the women in your life will signal to her where she should set her own bar of respect. 
Mondays with Fathering Project founder Dr. Bruce Robinson
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