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A look into a teenage boy’s brain with Dr Steve Kassem

A look into a teenage boy’s brain with Dr Steve Kassem
Published: Fri 30 Apr 2021

Podcast with Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem

Something all fathers and parents are forever trying to understand, what’s going on in the brain of my teenage son!? 

Mood swings, volatile behaviour, risk taking and everything in between, we never know what we’ll get from one day to the next. 

On our Figuring it Out Together podcast, we speak with Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem who helps us to understand what’s really going on ‘under the hood’. He offers his wealth of knowledge and expertise to give us a better insight around this often difficult time to navigate as parents. 

This podcast covers: 

  • Brain development from childhood to teen years
  • The impact of alcohol, smoking and drugs on the brain 
  • Why teenage boys partake in risk taking behaviour 
  • The negative effect of pornography on a developing teen brain 

About our guest Dr Steve Kassem 

Dr Kassem studied at the University of Sydney in Neuroscience and Psychology. He completed his honours year at the Brain and Mind Research Institute. Subsequently, he went on to complete his PhD, in a dual supervision, at the University of Sydney and the University of NSW, looking into the effects chronic stress and its morphological changes had on learning behaviours and their neural circuits.

He was appointed a postdoctoral fellowship to work with world leading Scientia Professor George Paxinos AO, bringing his novel histological and MRI skills to Prof Paxinos’ work on visualising and defining the brain.

He is currently working to make the highest resolution map of the human brain. Prof Paxinos and Dr Kassem were recently awarded an NHMRC Ideas grant to support their work on in mapping the brain. An avid supporter of science communication he is involved with the Sydney Science Festival.

To learn more about Dr Steve Kassem and review his recent work and publications visit the Neura website.

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