A look into the world of tween and teen girls with Michelle Mitchell

Podcast with Author and Tween and Teen Parenting Expert Michelle Mitchell

Raising a teenager, let alone raising a teenage girl, as a father, is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have. Amongst moodiness, hormones, outbursts and friendship dramas it’s hard to keep up with your daughter or what you’ll get on any given day.

On this week’s podcast, we speak with tween and teen parenting expert, author and speaker Michelle Mitchell. With over 20 years experience working with tween and teen girls, she knows the ins and outs and will provide an insight into how we can be there for our girls as best we can.

This podcast covers:

  • Strategies and tips when she’s gone into recluse mode
  • How to handle her mood swings and emotions
  • The top three things girls need from their father
  • Helping her to cope with body-image issues and social media use

About our guest Michelle Mitchell 

Michelle is an award-winning speaker, and bestselling parenting author, some of her books include Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of New Normal, What teenage girls don’t tell their parents and has recently released two new books for boys and girls A Girl’s Guide to Puberty and A Guy’s Guide to Puberty. She has been termed ‘the teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate and grounded advice for parenting tweens and teens.  

Michelle started her career as a teacher, but soon discovered a special interest in wellbeing. She left teaching in 2000 to found Youth Excel, a ‘boutique’ health promotion charity which delivered tailor made life skills programs and psychological services to thousands of young people and their families.  

Today, she uses her experience to write and speak in schools, community events and through media. 

To learn more about Michelle visit her website.

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