Affirming your daughter’s inner and outer beauty

Raising Girls Series

If you have a daughter, she’ll be looking to you to get the answer to the question, am I beautiful?

When we talk about beauty, we’re referring to much more than the exterior appearance. From a young age, it’s important you make this evident with your daughter so she grows up to know it’s not just about her exterior that makes her a beautiful person. In a society where girls are constantly fed photoshopped images, the use of social media, and the depiction of a ‘perfect’ woman, confidence doesn’t come easy. 

As her father, by affirming many other traits that make her beautiful, you help her to recognise her self-worth and confidence. In doing so, she’ll be more likely to grow into a woman who’s secure within her own body and realises beauty comes from within. 

Tips to affirm your daughter’s beauty

  • Redefine what beautiful means – tell her she’s beautiful because she’s thoughtful, compassionate and honest. 
  • Compliment her on the clothes she wears, that her new hairstyle is beautiful
  • Emphasise the importance of inner beauty, her intelligence, creativity and personality
  • Tell her she lights up a room, she has a beautiful smile and makes everyone around her smile too
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