Around the Grounds: A chat with Dads’ Group Leader Tom Hollings from Boronia Park Public School

If you’re currently a Dads’ Group Leader, interested in starting a dads group at your school, or just interested to know what a Dads group is all about, then have a listen to this podcast. 

John Rutter from The Fathering Project, sits down to chat with Tom Hollings from Boronia Park Public School about his experience as a Dads Group Leader. 

Dads groups are currently run through schools and are a great way to engage with other dads in your school community. You not only have the chance to mingle with other dads and learn from each other,  you’re also provided with some practical fathering tips which help to “make you a little bit better at being dad than you already are”, says Tom. 

Being part of a Dads’ Group at your school also means you’ll have time to spend quality time with your children, through regular dads and kids activities! A special time to bond and build on your relationship through activities like paper planes and pizza nights, games nights, movie nights and BBQ’s. 

If you’d like to learn more about joining a dads group, visit our dads group page. 

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