Associate Prof Kevin Shafer discusses ‘Why Dads Can’t Be the Dads They Want to Be”

Assoc Professor Kevin Schafer

Podcast: Associate Professor Kevin Shafer talks about “Why dads cant be the dads they want to be”

Associate Prof Kevin Shafer from Brigham University in the United States talks to The Fathering Project about ‘Why Dads Can’t Be the Dads They Want to Be”. 

About our Guest speaker – Assoc Kevin Schafer 

Kevin Shafer is Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Canadian Studies at Brigham Young University. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Health, Aging, & Society at McMaster University.  

His research addresses:

  1. Predictors of father involvement
  2. How mental health factors like such as depression and Adverse Childhood Experiences affect fathers, parenting, and child wellbeing
  3. How contextual factors such as economic wellbeing, experiences of racism, and immigration status influence men’s mental health, wellbeing, and help-seeking behaviours.

Kevin conducts this work in the United States and Canada. His research has been funded by the Department of Health & Human Services and several private foundations. His work is currently being integrated into federally-funded intervention programs addressing fathering and men’s health.

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