Back to school tips for Dad with Dr Bruce Robinson

Children may find the increased structure, longer days and rules of school to be very different from what they are used to at childcare or at home. The transition to life at school is an important one so it pays to be prepared. Here are a few tips from The Fathering Project to help you set up a routine and practice some of the activities they will be managing independently, some for the first time. 

Top tips for setting up routines and practising new activities.

1. Talk with your child about the changes in their daily routine: 

  • what time they have to get up in the morning; 
  • how they will get to school in the morning; 
  • what they will have in their lunch box; and 
  • the pick-up at the end of school.

2. Put their schedule into place before they start school to get them used to any changes before they start. 

3. Practice the things your child will need to do to get ready for school (e.g. putting things in their bag, remembering to take a hat when they go out.).

4. You could have picnics to help them to practice using their lunchbox and eating their lunch.  

Once your child is at school, they will begin to do some things for themselves with the support of their teachers and aides. Starting some basic skills for independence before they go can support your child to get off to a good start at school. 

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