Being a dad: The simple things

A Little Girl and her Dad Painting a Cardboard House

There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life that make a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time and the busier you are the more kids appreciate the time you spend with them. It makes them feel really special and valued that they’re worth your time.  

We know being a dad is challenging. It’s one of life’s most demanding, but most rewarding jobs. It’s the most important job you will have!

During the days where you might feel like you’re failing, or not doing enough for your kids. Remember – what kids really need from their dad is simple.

At The Fathering Project we constantly refer to the BUS Principle. These are three simple things to remember.

Being there: Kids want to know that you will always be there for them, no matter what.

Unconditional love: Let your children know that they are loved, no matter what. Your love isn’t based on conditions.

Special: Your child needs to know they are special to you. Spend quality time with them, even if it’s just 10 quality minutes. Time spent together signals to your child that they matter.

Simple things you can do: 

  • Be there. Being there for your child is key. Through thick and thin – your child knows you will always show up.
  • Seek and value your kids’ opinions: Actively listen to their thoughts, feelings and opinions.
  • Laugh, have fun, be silly together: Having children means an opportunity to experience life with your child’s eyes.
  • Schedule Dad dates with your kids: It can be as simple as coming home early one day a week and taking the kids to the beach for an ice cream or if you have to travel with your job, try taking the kids one at a time. 
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