Benefits of The Fathering Project Dads Groups for dads and kids

The Fathering Project invites dads to join or start a Dads Group at their school.

Since 2014, The Fathering Project has worked with schools to start and grow Dad Groups at schools across Australia, providing an environment where fathers and father-figures feel welcome to gather, share, learn and bond with each other and with their kids.

Our Dad Groups are formed by dads, for dads – and support fathers to engage positively as parents.

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Connect with our virtual Dads Groups
Our free Dads Group forums run every Tuesday evening.
All Fathers and Father-Figures are invited to join us for a chat about the challenges we all face in establishing new routines for our families in this time of confinement and uncertainty. Please note: This is a father and father figure only event. Find out more


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