Bullying and cyber safety month on The Fathering Channel

Special Bullying Series brought to you by The Fathering Channel

For the month of August, we brought you a special series on bullying and cyber safety to assist all fathers, father figures and parents develop their skills and knowledge to support a child if the situation should ever occur.

Find all the tips, webinars and podcasts here:


  1. Tips to start the conversation about bullying
  2. Tips on how to respond and support your child if they are being bullied
  3. Tips to prevent cyber bulling and how to recognise the signs
  4. What to do if your child knows bullying is happening around them

Webinar recordings:

  1. Webinar on understanding bullying and how to respond
  2. How to help your child deal with anxiety with Dr Jodi Richardson
  3. How to keep your kids safe online and understanding the modern playground
  4. Keeping children cyber safe and what you can do with Professor Donna Cross


  1. Parenting strategies to deal with bullying affecting your children
  2. Motivational Speaker of the Year 2020 Jonny Shannon on how to bully-proof your child
  3. Maggie Dent Joins us to talk about raising boys to men

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August is Bullying Month on The Fathering Channel
This month on The Fathering Channel we are bringing you a special series on bullying and cyber bullying to assist all fathers and parents develop their skills and knowledge to support their child if the situation ever occurs.
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