CALD Fathers Video Series

Father Teaching his Son to Read

Australia is home to many. In fact, nearly 30% of Australian residents come from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, including those who have migrated to Australia. Fathers share similar experiences caring for their children, regardless of their origin. However, CALD fathers encounter additional difficulties as they navigate life in Australia. This might include language barriers, a smaller social network, financial problems, cultural issues, and maternity and health care system challenges. Our research at The Fathering Project has shown that many fathers find content delivered in a video format an accessible and helpful resource.

These videos highlight the importance of bridging the gap in the availability of resources for CALD fathers and parents, helping them to be actively engaged and become an essential part of their children’s lives.

The videos were produced by Dr. Rakime Elmir and Professor Virginia Schmeid at Western Sydney University, in partnership with Mr. Steven Kennedy of the PREPARE Foundation.

The video series includes:

  1. Traditional Fatherhood. Fatherhood can take on different meanings based on individual and cultural differences. Some CALD fathers share their unique perspectives on what fatherhood means to them.
  2. The joys and challenges of fatherhood. Being a father can be an enriching experience – Hear fathers speak about the fun and challenges of fatherhood.
  3. Sources of support in the early weeks after birth. Support for fathers immediately after birth and the postpartum period can be difficult to find. – Fathers talk about support systems that have helped them navigate these time periods of experiences as a father.
  4. Advice from fathers. Childbirth and fatherhood can be different for everyone. Fathers use their personal experiences to provide insight and advice to other fathers.
  5. Advice from health professionals. The birthing process can be stressful for both parents. Hear advice from a midwife and obstetrician on how you can be actively involved and suggestions that may help during pregnancy and birth.


Watch the rest of the video series here.

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