Cameron cooks his deluxe garlic bread with his kids. Don’t eat it all before it gets to the table!!

Home-made garlic sausage and onion bread

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  • Bread stick, or you can use bread rolls
  • Butter
  • 1 garlic
  • Sausage pieces
  • Handful of grated cheese
  • Handful of fresh mushrooms
  • Handful of fresh herbs
  • Optional handful of Spanish onion


  1. Separate the bread rolls or bread stick but don’t break it in half fully.
  2. Use a garlic crusher to crush up 4-5 cloves.
  3. Mix these into the butter, you can also place a handful of fresh herbs.
  4. Get the kids to lavishly butter both sides of the bread.
  5. Add a handful of left-over sausage, grated cheese and Spanish onion.
  6. Place tops and bottoms back together and wrap up in foil – you can lightly spray the foil with light olive oil to stop it sticking.
  7. If you are camping perfect to through on the fire for a few minutes, otherwise pop in a moderate oven for 7-10 mins, or you can throw them on the BBQ.
  8. Remove foil and server immediately – make sure your basket of deluxe garlic bread gets to the table!

You can also add chilli flakes to spice it up!



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