Cameron shows you how to make cold pressed coffee and affogato

How do you like your coffee? Hot or cold? Filtered or espresso? Plunger or pour over? Black or white? Whichever way that’s awesome.

My tips for a good coffee start with a good roaster! Finding a roaster is like trying to find a good barber! Once you find them its hard to move on! A fresh roasted bean will give you the best flavour. And getting to know your roaster will help you make better coffee. Letting them know how you like your coffee and they can point you to the right blend and grind to make your coffee the best!!!

This cold filter system is super easy using a Hario cold coffee pot.


  • 100gram coffee grinds
  • 800ml water
  • Hario coffee pot

Place coffee grinds into filter. Put half the water in the pot then place filter in and slowly pour the rest of the water thru the grinds and allow it to filter through. Leave for 24hrs. Remove filter and store coffee in the fridge. Use as desired.

Feel like an Affogato?

Pour 30ml of cold coffee over a scoop of vanilla ice cream and enjoy!

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