Cooking with Cameron: Shortbread for Christmas

Shortbread is a family favourite for many and something that’s easy to make. As we head into the festive season it’s a great recipe to try together with the kids. So get into it and have a crack.  Ingredients  225g plain flour  115g rice flour  115g caster sugar  225g butter (room Temp)  Method  In a […]

Cooking with Cameron: Teriyaki Salmon Noodles

Salmon is a super healthy fish that needs to be on our plates more. Combining it with noodles and some veges just goes well and can come together in about 30min.  Ingredients   2 fillets of skin free salmon  ½ onion (sliced)  4 cloves of garlic (crushed)  1 medium carrots (diced)  2 bok choy (chopped)  ½ […]

Cooking with Cameron: Chicken thigh cutlets

Roasted chicken thigh cutlets, skin on is always a winner. I love the thigh cut as it is never dry’s out, like the breast piece. Mixing butter and your favourite herbs together and stuffing it between the sling and meat allows the flavours to really sink in.   Ingredients  8 chicken thigh cutlets skin on […]

Cooking with Cameron: Tasty potato bake

Tasty and creamy potato bake is a family favourite! Super easy to pull together and a way to make potatoes feed more people. You can cook this in advance and reheat as well! Down side is it needs about 2hrs to cook!  Ingredients  1kg potatoes  3 onions  600ml full thickened cream  600ml full milk  250g […]

Cooking with Cameron: Homemade date honey

Date honey is a wonderful sweet syrup that has origins in the Middle East. Used as a natural sweetener instead of sugar. The flavour is bold and wonderful. This recipe we have been inspired by a Persian recipe that has spices added to it. Mix it with yoghurt, cereal. Put it cakes or muffins (go […]

Cooking with Cameron: Lemon chicken salad

What to do with left over roast chook? Especially when you have only a short amount of time? Creating a salad is the way to go. I got half way through a bowl and started to feel full! Super healthy and so easy to make.   Ingredients   300g cold roast chicken, sliced 1 cos lettuce 2 […]

Cooking with Cameron: Prawn and garlic fettuccini

A family favourite! Super easy to make. This recipe we add prawns because that’s what I had in the freezer. Using ‘real cream’ as opposed to the ‘vegan, dairy free’ option (like in the video) you will get a better result. The issue with the substitutes is they are water based so don’t thicken up […]

Cooking with Cameron: Wallaby meatball sub

Takeaway food at home! Meatballs are easy to make or just buy some from the shops pre-made. I like to make my own then I know what’s in them and can make the flavours to suit. I like this recipe where I use Beetroot to flavour and colour the Wallaby meat (why? Just for fun!)  […]

Cooking with Cameron: Veal stir fry

When I think of a Stir-fry I think of Asian flavours, fast cooked thin slices of meat and thin slices of veggies. This version though is going to challenge your senses and expectations. Using Australian native herbs and spices gives it an amazing twist. Go and challenge your expectations.  Ingredients 1kg Veal thinly sliced  200g […]

Cooking with Cameron: Easy Banana muffin recipe

Tira Syrup you ask? It’s a spiced date and sesame seed syrup from Persia. Also known as Date Syrup or Date honey. Used in Middle Eastern cooking as a natural sweetener. It is sure strong in flavour so you don’t need much and it gives a beautiful caramel colouring to the muffins. Using spelt flour […]