Cooking with Cameron: Wallaby meatball sub

Takeaway food at home! Meatballs are easy to make or just buy some from the shops pre-made. I like to make my own then I know what’s in them and can make the flavours to suit. I like this recipe where I use Beetroot to flavour and colour the Wallaby meat (why? Just for fun!)  […]

Cooking with Cameron: Veal stir fry

When I think of a Stir-fry I think of Asian flavours, fast cooked thin slices of meat and thin slices of veggies. This version though is going to challenge your senses and expectations. Using Australian native herbs and spices gives it an amazing twist. Go and challenge your expectations.  Ingredients 1kg Veal thinly sliced  200g […]

Cooking with Cameron: Easy Banana muffin recipe

Tira Syrup you ask? It’s a spiced date and sesame seed syrup from Persia. Also known as Date Syrup or Date honey. Used in Middle Eastern cooking as a natural sweetener. It is sure strong in flavour so you don’t need much and it gives a beautiful caramel colouring to the muffins. Using spelt flour […]

Cooking with Cameron: Steamed pork with apple and pistachio crust

Steamed pork and apple is a great combo. This was an experiment with a pork scotch fillet. A simple recipe that really can’t go wrong. When cooking the pork you want to work on 30min per half kilo and an internal temp of 75c and then let it rest (covered) for 20min before carving up. […]

Cooking with Cameron: Easy chicken pesto pasta

This recipe has been developed as a simple flavoured dish. One that is low in Amines and Salicylates, if you have food intolerances with these then this recipe is great for you. The Pesto mix quantities are more than you need for a serving for 4 so divide it up and freeze it.   Ingredients  500g […]

Cooking with Cameron: Chicken noodle rissoles

Rissoles! An easy way to cook mince and a they can be made with so many different flavourings. You can even hide veggies inside them so the kids wont know! Just cut them very small. Flavouring the rissoles is just what you have in the pantry. Once cooked you can keep the leftovers in the […]

Cooking with Cameron: German potato salad

A warm potato salad is great as a side dish or even just on its own! This recipe is a German inspired mix. So get into it and enjoy a tasty meal! Ingredients   1kg baby potatoes (waxy)  100g streaky bacon, thinly sliced  ¼ red onion   ¼ cup butter (or oil)  1/3 cup Apple cider vinegar […]

Cooking with Cameron: Simple apple crumble

The family favourite! The good old apple crumble. Again, another dessert that can be simple or have flavours added! This recipe is simple but in the video I added fresh raspberries to the mix it up as I laid up the mix into the bowls. The more times you make it the more comfortable and […]

Positive affirmations to practise with your children

A Father Playing with His Son

It’s 2022, and by now we thought the challenges of the last two years would be heading towards a steady decline. Although we have come a long way through the pandemic, as fathers and parents, we continue to be faced with many challenges ourselves, and our children are still in the midst of it too. […]

Cooking with Cameron: Choc chip and berry muffins

Nothing like fresh muffins! Blueberries just seem to go hand in hand with muffins and are a crowd favourite. Throw in some choc chips and they go off the Richter scale! Eat them fresh, freeze them for later or throw them I the kids school lunch box. And they don’t really take long to make. […]