Podcast: The impacts of pornography on young people

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In this podcast, Maree Crabbe from It’s Time We Talked joins us to chat about an often taboo topic – children and teen’s access to pornography. In the increasing digital world in which we live, access to pornography is becoming more and more prevalent. With more children having access to online content than ever before, […]

Dadvice Weekly: Avoiding conflict when co-parenting

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Separation is an incredibly difficult time for all, with emotions running high. Learning to co-parent and avoiding high conflict situations can often become an additional challenge. Often easier said than done, but avoiding high conflict situations where possible will not only support your own wellbeing but your children’s too, and help to make the co-parenting […]

Supporting your child’s early speech and language development

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Language, speech and communication are critical areas of development for children. In this week’s episode of Figuring it Out Together, we speak with speech pathologist, Annie Hamilton where we discuss the importance of early intervention to support children who may be experiencing challenges with their language development and social communication. Annie gives an in-depth overview of the […]

Looking after yourself while you’re taking care of others

Raising a child with additional needs or disability can put immense pressure on many aspects of your life, including a strain on your own mental health. In this week’s Figuring it Out Together podcast episode, we speak with clinical psychologist James Brown, who highlights the critical need for fathers to practise self-care and look after their […]

Finding a work life balance to prevent burn out

Work life balance and resilience. Advice and strategies from human performance researcher, author, speaker and consultant, Dr Adam Fraser. Adam explains some of his research-based strategies and how they can improve work life balance and preventing burn out, so we can be the best version of ourselves in and out of the home. He also discusses […]

Raising children on the autism spectrum: Advice from a clinical psychologist

On this week’s podcast we’re joined by clinical psychologist, Jeroen Decates. He has been practising as a psychologist for over 45 years and specialises in psychological therapies for people on the autism spectrum, where he focuses his treatment on life skills and strategies for managing day to day situations. Raising a child with additional needs is […]

Divorce and separation: tips and advice from a family mediator

On this week’s podcast we’re joined by Lisanne Iriks, workplace and family mediator.  She provides some really practical tips, strategies and advice to help fathers who might be going through separation or divorce.  Separation and divorce can be an emotionally draining and difficult road to navigate. Understanding how to approach the situation in the early […]

A look into a teenage boy’s brain with Dr Steve Kassem

Podcast with Neuroscientist Dr Steve Kassem Something all fathers and parents are forever trying to understand, what’s going on in the brain of my teenage son!?  Mood swings, volatile behaviour, risk taking and everything in between, we never know what we’ll get from one day to the next.  On our Figuring it Out Together podcast, […]