Cooking with Cameron: Lemongrass and ginger prawns

Lemongrass and ginger prawns, and easy and fast meal to cook. A Thai inspired recipe  you can add chilli to taste. I end up using garlic instead of ginger in this episode. Do whatever suits you! Ingredients  300g peeled green prawns  150ml coconut cream  2tbs ginger minced ginger  2 tbs mince lemongrass   Chilli flakes to […]

Cooking with Cameron: Peanut butter cookies

This would have to be the easiest cookie recipe out there! A quick and easy recipe to cook up with the kids. Use the cookies as snacks for their lunchboxes.  Ingredients  1 cup peanut butter  1 cup sugar  1 egg  Method   Heat oven to 180c Fan  Combine ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well  […]

Cooking with Cameron: Chinese pepper steak

A favourite Chinese takeaway dish that is really easy to create at home. It is full of flavour and the Pepper c flavour can be adjusted to suit your taste. Using the cheap cuts of meat is fine here with this recipe -chuck steak or blade work well. Adding some BiCarb to the marinade and […]

Cooking with Cameron: A wallaby nachos for the family

A healthy variation on beef nachos! Wallaby is a lean meat that is full of flavour. A little stronger than lamb but not as strong as Kangaroo. You can go with the tried and true El Passo nachos mix or find a gourmet version of the spice mix.    Ingredients   500g Wallaby mince  Nachos seasoning mix  […]

Cooking with Cameron: Easy to make Thai Beef Salad

This recipe is light and refreshing, just the meal you want on a hot day. Add or subtract the spices as you like.  Serves 4  Ingredients   500g beef fillet steak Juice of 1 lime 3 cloves of garlic, minced Chillies taste 2 tbsp fish sauce 1tsp sesame oil 1 tsp honey 8 cups of mixed […]

Cooking with Cameron: Mac n Cheese

This recipe my niece has shared with me and showed me how to cook. It is a basic recipe that you can add and subtract as much as you want. Enjoy  Ingredients  Bechamel  50 grams butter  1⁄4 cup plain flour  2 cups milk  250g cheddar cheese  100g parmesan  ½ cauliflower head, cut into quartered florets  […]

Cooking with Cameron: Shortbread for Christmas

Shortbread is a family favourite for many and something that’s easy to make. As we head into the festive season it’s a great recipe to try together with the kids. So get into it and have a crack.  Ingredients  225g plain flour  115g rice flour  115g caster sugar  225g butter (room Temp)  Method  In a […]

Cooking with Cameron: Teriyaki Salmon Noodles

Salmon is a super healthy fish that needs to be on our plates more. Combining it with noodles and some veges just goes well and can come together in about 30min.  Ingredients   2 fillets of skin free salmon  ½ onion (sliced)  4 cloves of garlic (crushed)  1 medium carrots (diced)  2 bok choy (chopped)  ½ […]

Cooking with Cameron: Potato bake with a twist

The ultimate comfort food! Creamy, cheesy potato goodness! Great for the family dinner or to take to a gathering. One problem will be not enough made!!! So get into it and make Funeral potatoes today!  Ingredients  Potato mixture 6 large potatoes (peeled or unpeeled  ½ onion finely chopped  1 ½ cups grated cheese  ¼ cup […]

Cooking with Cameron: Lemon butter

An old family favourite! I had never made lemon butter before but now it is something I will make regularly because it is easier than you think! The sweet and citrus tart flavour just screams summer. Spread it over toast, mix it in with cakes, put in in mini meringues.    Ingredients   4 lemons  4 large […]