A dad’s role in building healthy self-esteem

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A key factor in the development of resilience in children and young people is a healthy self-esteem. We want our children to believe – I am capable and confident in myself and my ability to take on challenges and try new things.   Young people with positive self-esteem are more likely to feel capable and valuable, […]

Empowering your child’s self-image and self-identity

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Your child’s self-image or self-identity refers to their mental image of themselves, of who they are as individuals, socially and more globally. A sense of image or identity can be shaped by experiences, interactions with others, the local environment, and their own unique personality. Self-image has a lot to do with self-esteem because how your […]

What do girls need most from their dads?

Seven things girls need most from their dads. From the moment your daughter is born, you will play a key role in her development. In fact, when fathers are present in their daughters’ lives, girls grow up with a much healthier sense of who they are.   Research has shown, that when fathers provide praise, support, […]

What do boys need most from their dads?

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Raising boys in today’s society can be challenging to say the least. There are many mixed messages floating around about raising boys, what it means to be a good man, masculinity; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What we do know, is what the research says – for children to thrive, and boys […]

Podcast: sleeping and settling your infant

In this podcast we talk all things sleeping and settling your infant with special guest Tracey Cassels PHD. A really insightful and informative discussion. We’re grateful to have Tracy join us to provide all the advice and tips for new parents. About our guest  Tracy Cassels PHD is the Director of Evolutionary Parenting, an online […]

Dad-proof tip: Support fatherhood in the workplace

There are ways you can promote the important role of fathers/father figures in your workplace to help normalise fathers making time for their families and taking on caring responsibilities. This will also encourage work/life balance among your colleagues, which has been found to increase work productivity.   There still remains some stigma around fathers taking on […]

Dad-proof tip: Little actions go a long way

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There are many things that fathers can do in the midst of a busy life to make a difference in the lives of their children. It doesn’t take a huge amount of time, and the busier you are the more kids appreciate the time you spend with them. It makes them feel really special and […]

Dad-proof tip: Protecting Children

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Protecting children and their overall wellbeing and safety is our prime responsibility as fathers and father figures. Engaging in warm, supportive fathering is shown to support the emotional and social development of your child. Spend time with them. A safe and loving home is the foundation for a happy and healthy life. Check in with […]

Dad-proof tip: Making the most of quality time

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The time a father spends with his child is important. Spending quality, one-on-one time together enables you to deeply connect and get to know each child. You get to know their likes, dislikes, worries, fears, inspirations and aspirations. Fathers who spend this time with their children also have been found to be better at caring […]

Dad-proof tip: How to strengthen the relationship with your son

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When dads work to strengthen the relationship with their son, it not only positively impacts the relationship, but his development too. Fathers have a strong influence on their sons, sometimes without even realising it. The most important way fathers influence their sons is by spending time with them and by being involved in their lives. […]