Dad-proof tip: Staying connected to your child after separation

If you have decided to part ways with your ex partner, know that although the decision is tough, it’s in the best interests for all involved. Ensuring your children know that they are in no way responsible, and that their dad will continue to be there for them and love them no matter what, is […]

Dad-proof tips: Helping your child during a divorce/separation

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The way you and your ex-partner behave will have an impact on your children’s ability to adjust well to the separation, now and into the future. Be considerate of this, and conscious of your behaviour from the beginning. It’s a difficult journey for everyone involved but ensuring you continue to check in with your children […]

Dad-proof tips: Creating a shared parenting plan

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When it comes to shared parenting, consistency is key. Making a ‘parenting plan’ can be a great way to ensure everyday routines and procedures are the same between each of your homes. Routines and rules are very important for children as it gives them security between the two parents and their households, believe it or […]

Dad-proof tips: Talking to your child about your divorce/separation

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Making the decision to separate/divorce from your partner can be one of life’s hardest decisions, both personally and for your children. If you and your partner have come to the conclusion that it’s best to part ways, remind yourself that although it may be difficult at first, it ultimately offers more positive long-term outcomes for […]

Dad-proof tips: Sharing the time with your child as a single or separated dad

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This month, we’re focussing on single and separated dads. It can be a difficult journey for many families, so stay tuned to receive tips and advice on how to best support yourself and your children. This week, we’re talking about one of the more difficult aspects of separation – working with your former partner to coordinate […]

Dad-proof tips: How to talk about traumatic news with your child

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We are currently witnesses to a daily barrage of traumatic news from around the world and from closer to home. We are all witnessing stories of war, natural disasters, the pandemic and a range of other distressing images and stories each day. Between the constant stream of information through news, social media, other kids and […]

Dad-proof tips: Fostering the connection with your stepchild

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Becoming a stepdad can seem like a daunting role to take on. You are already a dad to your own kids, and now you taking on the role of being a stepfather to your partners children and forming a new connection can seem almost like an impossible task. We are here to tell you that […]

Making the most of the time with your kids over the festive season

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The festive season and school holidays present the perfect opportunity for fathers to spend some quality time with their children. Children are completely free from school commitments, the weather is great, and everyone is in the festive spirit. Try to get some one-on-one time with your children to bond and have some fun. If possible, […]

Eight must-do co-parenting tips

Separating from your partner can be an emotional time, not only for you and your partner, but for everyone in the family.   In families with children, the separation of parents can be particularly hard for the kids, so it’s important to keep their best interests at heart through the emotional and legal journey that follows.  […]

Dads cook nights: Hash brown toasty

The good old toasty/jaffle/breville, what ever you might want to call it. Camping using a jaffle iron over the coals to make a toasted sandwich, in the kitchen using the electric breville to squish a toasted sandwich together. Ingredients? Growing up it was tinned spaghetti, ham and cheese. Very basic ingredients. Now as an adult, the […]