Podcast: The inspiration for Nick’s Great Run

Dads discussion with John Rutter from The Fathering Project and Nick Bourke talking about his ‘great run’ he is currently embarking on. Covering 600km across 60 days. Nick is now at the half way point. Running to his kids and raising money along the way to support The Fathering Project. Nick and John talk about […]

Podcast: The important role of foster carers

man holding baby's hand

It’s Foster Care Week in NSW. Joining us on our podcast is Community Father of the Year 2022 – Rick Pekan and Teigan Reilly from The Department Communities WA. Foster carers play a critical role in the community for children in need and unfortunately the ratio of foster carers to children is still significantly lacking. […]

Eight tips to help raise resilient kids

Resilience is important for everyday life, and helps us to navigate challenges, deal with stressful situations and bounce back in difficult times. Living through a pandemic has certainly contributed to resilience in not only ourselves, but also our children.  Raising resilient children helps them to become problem solvers and face tough or challenging situations and […]

Six reasons why you should role play with your child

Playing with your child is key to their development. From birth, all the way through to their teen years, you can engage in activities and play which is age appropriate and builds on your connection. There’s many different ways father’s can engage in play with their child, from taking part in activities, playing dress ups, […]

Modelling and teaching respect to your child

As a father you are uniquely placed to demonstrate strength, gentleness and respect.  You are your children’s first models of what healthy relationships look and feel like. Your children are going to look to you for how to treat other people and how to expect to be treated by others.  Fathers can particularly also have […]

Modelling and teaching your child about acceptance of others

As a role model, it is important for fathers to be aware of how they treat other people and to model inclusion of people from all backgrounds and abilities. To do this, you need make the effort to be aware of any prejudices you may have yourself. It can be helpful to reflect your own […]

Talking to your teens about risky behaviours

We know as dads and father figures we need to help our kids wherever possible to educate them about risky behaviours and prevent them taking unhealthy risks. We also know this can prove to be challenging as they become teens!  Teens may seem more impulsive, irrational and take more risks. The reason for this is […]

Communication: Why you need to be open with your sons

The way you communicate with your son will change across the milestones of their life; from playing trains, kicking around the football or having a mature conversation with your teenage son. It’s important to always keep the lines of communication open and find opportunities to communicate with them.  Keeping the lines of communication open allows […]

Dr Tim Hawkes Podcast – How to approach the topic of sexual consent with your children

Dr Tim Hawkes, ambassador of the Fathering Project, educator and author sits down to discuss an incredibly important but often times, challenging topic of conversation; sexual consent.  As a father and father-figure, it’s your role to ensure your children are informed about issues regarding sexual consent and to have the conversation as often as possible […]