Dad-proof tip: Balancing work and Family Life

Have you ever stopped to think about how your priorities change over time? From when you are young and entering the workplace, to when you have children, to when you are thinking about retirement and then looking back on your life. Now is a good time to think about it. “I don’t suppose anybody ever […]

Dad-proof tip: How to switch ‘off’ from work and ‘on’ for kids

A Man Taking Care of His Son while Working

Switching off from work can be a challenge. For those who work from home often, it can sometimes prove even more challenging. Whether you work mostly from home, on-site or in the office, coming home from work can be a challenge, especially with younger children wanting your attention.  Some days it can feel like you […]

Dad-proof tip: staying connected as a FIFO dad

It’s not easy doing FIFO work and being away from the kids and family for long stints, and we know it can sometimes make you feel like you’re not able to connect and spend time with your kids the way you want. But just because you can’t be with them all the time, doesn’t mean […]

Celebrity Podcast – Who’s at the Table?

Time out for some lighthearted banter with much loved Aussie icons, celebrities and dads! Interviews to enjoy, connect with and share as part of the Fathering Projects commitment to keep dads, kids and families connected through our new virtual community at the Fathering Channel.